Complete mount on top of transmission for MAZDASPEED6 with 70 [ Although the 70 durometer bushings are not recommended for this application ], 88, or 95 durometer solid urethane bushings. Improves drive line response by inhibiting driveling lash, putting all that motion to the task of moving the car along. Completely new fabricated and reinforced mount. Silver powder coated.

The 70 durometer bushings, which are recommended for the street. The 88 durometer bushings are a bit firmer, and the 95 durometer which are only recommended for racing. These are too hard for the street and may cause undesirable resonance in the car. For limited applications, order the mounts with the 70 durometer bushings.

70 durometer bushings are NOT recommended for the speed 6 transmission mount!

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Not perfect, but damn good

I'll start with the install. It would have been nice to have some instructions as there was a bit of tear down involved just to get to the mount. Nothing difficult, but I like having a clear picture of what I need to do before starting a project. Due to the added washer on the forward side of the bushing it was wider than the transmission side bracket which required I grind down some of the casting material to make it fit. Took a little wiggling and some pounding with a block of wood and my 32oz hammer but I got it. Very well built product. It's kind of sad that it looks more intelligently designed than the factory piece. It's also lighter! However the battery tray mount tab is wider than the bracket on the battery tray that holds the loom going to the fuse box. After grabbing and pulling on the loom I determined it wasn't going to go anywhere so I just took the bracket off the batter tray and problem solved. However I do not like completely removing other parts to install a new one. I'll chalk it up to weight reduction and get over it though. I have only driven it for a about 10 minutes just to do a test drive but it made all the issues I was having disappear. No more clunk on startup, no bucking and clunking on take off or between shifts. Putting my foot down in first or second used to make me thing the axle was going to tear itself loose. That side of the car feels solid now. There's the obvious added vibration which I'm sure will lessen after more break in. I can also hear more transmission noise which i read about being normal and I think my pilot bearing is toast, which I couldn't hear with the factory mount. Overall I'm very happy it's in there and am itching to do the passenger side and rear as well. Thank you