MazdaSpeed 6 Transmission Mount

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AWR-6301 MTS
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MAZDASPEED6 complete transmission mount with the option of 70, 88, or 95 durometer solid urethane bushings. Improves drive line response by inhibiting driveline lash, putting all that motion to the task of moving the car along. Completely new fabricated and reinforced mount. Powder coated in the classic AWR silver for that durable finish!

70 durometer bushings are recommended for daily driving. The 88 durometer bushings are a top pick for this transmission mount. they are a bit firmer and are recommended for aggressive/harsh driving. 95 durometer is for track use only. These bushings are too hard for the street and may cause undesirable resonance in the car. 

***70 durometer bushings are NOT recommended for the speed 6 transmission mount! 

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(10 reviews) Write a Review

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    Transmission mount

    Posted by jose villaman on 1st Sep 2019

    The AWR Transmission mount is a real upgrade from OEM, Transmission feel real stiff and planted, no more bumb during shifting. I ordered 70 duro (trying to keep oem feel) and the vibrations and tranny noise are real too. I was hoping for less noise and vibrations with the 70 duro, now I have a race car feel. Fitment was ok after I shave off a little of both the side plates.

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    88 reasons to buy

    Posted by C4 on 1st Nov 2017

    This mount was a perfect fix to wheel hop and clunking as I shifted. Car is now tight and puts the power in the ground. Vibration is nominal and the mount hasless than 200 miles on it. I bought the 88 durometer as suggested by AWR and I'm happy with the results. Install done within kids naptime!

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    Best TMM on the market

    Posted by Zac on 23rd May 2017

    Easy install. fits perfectly. Shifting feels so good now and the engine / trans aren't moving at all but I'm also NOT getting all the NVH people complain about from other brands. Thank you AWR!

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    High Quality Product

    Posted by Alistair on 8th Apr 2017

    The mount was sent in a short amount of time considering I am in Australia. When I opened the package I was really pleased with what I saw. The quality is outstanding, a real piece of art. Installing the mount took around 45 mins. It probably took me more time to get the car jacked up and onto stands than it did to get the old mount out and the new one in. The engineering of these mounts is so good, It fitted like an OEM part without issue. I ordered the 88 durometer bushings in the mount and think I should have rather gone for the 70 durometer bushings. The driveabilty of the vehicle with this mount is great, but I just find it a bit noisy which in the right application would be great but for me I will be ordering the 70 durometer bushings when I order the engine side (right side) mount. I would say that on these cars these mounts are a must. I would not hesitate to recommend these to anyone wanting to improve their Mazda 6 MPS, a big thumbs up.

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    love these mounts

    Posted by alan bryan hughes on 18th Dec 2015

    you gotta love these mounts from awr for mazda 6 mps [mazda speed 6]if anyone in ireland or europe looking to upgrade engine mounts buy these you wont be disappointed,transforms car,shifting wise torque wise,great buy buy

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    love these mounts

    Posted by al bundy on 18th Dec 2015

    you gotta love these mounts from awr for mazda 6 mps [mazda speed 6]if anyone in ireland or europe looking to upgrade engine mounts buy these you wont be disappointed,transforms car,shifting wise torque wise,great buy buy

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    Posted by Peyton Stephens on 6th Dec 2015

    This is hands down the best mount I have ever laid my eyes on. I am beyond impressed with the build quality and the welds!! Just super! The metal is heavy and strong! It surprised me how heavy it was when I took I out the box. Install was somewhat a pain, but that's what makes fixing cars fun!!! I know for a fact that my transmission will never move ever again no matter what!

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    Solid Mount

    Posted by Terry on 5th Jul 2015

    It's a no brainer as to what needs to be done for installing this mount. Install took a little more than an hour. The car is shifting a lot better, especially 1st - 2nd which I was having problems with. 3 - 6 are much more solid feeling. I purchased the mount with 70 Duro bushings, and absolutely no added vibration or noise. Now I will order the 88 Duro bushings, and expect the 1 - 2 to be even better. Hopefully not much more NVH. Glad to have that OEM mount outta there! Thank you Tony.

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    Great quality product

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Jun 2015

    The install wasn't as easy as expected. Only wish there were some installation instructions on how to do the install. I had to pull up a separate installation process online. I was required to prop the transmission from underneath in many different directions in order for the mount to line up with the holes. As well as I believe there should have been two washers instead of just the one in the front part of the bushing. In order to protect from any tear all around. Other than that the design and quality of the product is very impressive compared to the poorly designed Oem mount. Driving my car now feels a lot more solid. Other than the vibration noise while driving, which I'm pretty sure will lessen up after the break in, it feels a lot more solid on take offs from first and in between gears. Overall it's a great mount.