MazdaSpeed 6 Passenger Side Mount

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Complete mount on top right [ Passenger side ] of engine bay at the head for 4 cylinder Mazda6 and MAZDASPEED6 with standard transmissions from 2003 to 2008. THIS MOUNT IS ALSO NOW AVAIALBLE FOR THE 06-12 FORD FUSION AND 06-11 MERCURY MILAN WITH 2.3 OR 2.5 LITER MOTORS. Mount is available in 70, 88, or 95 durometer solid urethane bushings. Improves drive-line response by inhibiting drive-line lash, putting all that motion to the task of moving the car along. Completely new fabricated and reinforced mount made out of 7 gauge cold rolled steel. Laser cut and CNC folded. Fixture, Tig Welded. Powder coated silver. Polyurethane bushings with steel inner sleeve. The 88 durometer bushings are firm, and the 95 durometer are only recommended for racing. These are too hard for the street and may cause undesirable resonance in the car. For street applications, order the mounts with the 88 durometer bushings.

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Warranty Information

AWR believes so strongly in their engine mounts and sway bars that they back them with a limited Lifetime Warranty. What's more, this warranty, excluding bushings, is retroactive to all mounts and sway bars built previously by AWR. Basically, if it breaks or fails, AWR will fix or replace it at their discretion. The warranty is 'limited' in that bushings are considered a normal wear item, so the urethane or rubber bushings are not covered, but if the metal cracks, breaks or otherwise fails, we'll replace or repair it.


(7 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    MS6 PMM

    Posted by Jonathan Vankooten on 26th Dec 2019

    I purchased this after getting tired of horrible vibes from another company and am pleased to say ahhhhh...tolerable again. Thanks guys for making great prouducts for our platform still.

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    Passenger side eng mount

    Posted by Zach Knisley on 7th Nov 2018

    This mount is awesome! Strong and quality material. Highly suggest this over the cheesy factory mount that fails prematurely due to design.

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    Outstanding Mount

    Posted by Alistair on 23rd Apr 2017

    Yet another well made mount for the mazda 6 MPS by AWR. Tony and his team seem right onto it when it comes to manufacturing and the ordering of these products from them. I ordered this mount in a 70 duro and added a pair of 70 duro inserts for the gearbox side mount which I had got from them a few weeks earlier in an 88 duro. I just found this to have too much gearbox noise inside the car. Sounded like I had straight cut gears. They had the insight to know this was what I was planning to do and went ahead and machined the rubber insert to suit. The install of the engine side mount took me about 2 hours. It looked really simple to start with but I soon found out that you do not remove that center bolt that holds the two halves together. If you put the two halves in separately 1 part on the motor and the other part on the chassis, you cannot get that centre bolt in when the motor is lowered into place. The whole mount needs to be installed as a unit, which takes a fair bit of jacking and lowering the motor and jiggling the mount into place, but once in place it fits perfectly. I found the 70 duro inserts to be perfect for my needs, slightly more noisy than the standard mount but no more thumps and rubbing noises under hard acceleration. I couldn't be more happy with these mounts in place. These should come as OEM parts on these cars. Top marks to Tony and his Team, Thanks.

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    simple install

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Oct 2016

    this motor mount is a very easy replace for the mazdaspeed 6. it took me with the help of one other about 30 min. so far shifting seems to be improved and for me at least more power seems to be delivered to the wheels

  • 5
    These mounts are a must for mazda 6 mps

    Posted by al on 22nd Apr 2016

    i have all awr mounts installed now and love them,i have them in 88 durometer which are after settling down vibe wise and all is good,i should have done this mod sooner,so anyone thinking or wanting to change there mounts just do it you wont be disappointed,it will transform your mps,what excellent product from tony and his team.

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    WTF!!!! Holy Passenger Side Mount Batman!!!

    Posted by Andrew H on 21st Jan 2014

    If Chuck Norris and the Dali Lama had a child and that child invented awesome stuff, this PMM would be one of those Chuck Lama child inventions. When I opened the box, I heard the voice of God. I didn't know whether to hang it on the wall as Art or sleep with it. The design is utterly badass. Then I looked for the instructions. Not on top. Not on bottom. Not even inside all the paper mess used as packaging material. No biggie, I passed 8th grade shop with most of my fingers, "I can do this" I thought. It was 2.7 times easier than the AWR Rear Motor Mount, and 5.3 times easier than the Corksport Transmission Mount Insert I had previously installed on my Mazdaspeed 6. I finished up feeling proud that I had not kicked the cat, used any four letter words, or even bled on myself. But then wait... whats that wire just hanging around for? Surely there would be a place to reconnect the ENGINE to body ground wire on the awesomely designed AWR Passenger Side ENGINE mount. I actually spent more time trying to figure out where to put that ground wire on the mount than actually installing the mount. Doesn't exist, like unicorns, conservative democrats, or Billy Ray Cyrus' music career. So there it hangs until I can get to Home Depot or Lowes to jimmy rig it. Impressions after install: NVH = Noise, Vibrations, and Harshness. Vibrations: not really, even with the Corksport Trans Mount Inserts and 88 duro AWR Rear Motor Mount, and so many "wise" internets that told me not to get an 88 duro PMM, it was negligible. I do notice my girlfriend moans and her eyes roll into the back of her head occasionally when we go for a drive. Harshness: not harsh, just more connected. The RMM made shifts feel 70% better. The Trans Insert helped another 15%. The PMM was the final missing piece of the puzzle. The shifts now feel like I expect them to feel. No motor hop on launches or hard shifts. Noise: HOLY CRAP!!!! Did someone cut my catalytic converter off? Nope, exhaust sounds the same outside of the car. I don't watch NASCAR because I'm not a redneck, but it sounds like the inside of a NASCAR... uh... car. Idle, part throttle, and worse at full throttle. I just bought a 18 pack of Natty Light, turned my Celine Dion up and got over it. 5 stars for awesome design and function. Minus a 1/2 star due to no instructions and no engine ground solution.

  • 5
    Excellent product

    Posted by Phil on 27th Nov 2012

    Product is very sturdy and well made.. it has eliminated the knock i was experiencing under throttle and when paired with the rear mm... the engine feels more grounded.. vibratiin is a bit more pronounced but its not objectionable and the performance gain is more than worth it