Mazda 2 Lower motor mount / transmission mount. Fabricated from 1 ½" x .095 " wall DOM tube. Tig welded joints. Urethane bushings with nickel plated steel sleeves. Powder coated silver.

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AWR believes so strongly in our engine mounts and sway bars that as of May, 2008 we are now backing them with a limited Lifetime Warranty. What's more, this warranty, excluding bushings, is retroactive to all mounts and sway bars built previously by AWR. Basically, if it breaks or fails, we'll fix or replace it at our discretion. The warranty is 'limited' in that bushings are considered a normal wear item, so the urethane or rubber bushings are not covered, but if the metal cracks, breaks or otherwise fails, we'll replace or repair it.
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Get this Mount!

Well I ordered this mount a month ago, after 1month and a few weeks I received mine at my door step. Packaging was perfect, the mount looked perfect. The only thing that was missing was a sheet with some torque specs to help with the install. I checked on 247 and the norm is 35ft-lbs. Vibes are there but nothing too harsh, the shifts are what they should be, precise. The car feels a lot better now. So get this mount, it's worth it.


The polyurethane bushings in this mount literally make a night and day difference over the oem bushings. Installation is a whopping 3-5 minutes once you jack up or put the car on ramps. 2x 14mm bolts hold everything in place one end attaches to a threaded bracket on the sub frame and the other to a cast bracket on the transmission. Install the trans side first and then you can use that as a push point when reinstalling the back half into the subframe. As far as noise and vibration are concerned you will definitely feel some (I have the 70 durometer bushings). In my honest opinion probably more vibration than most people who daily drive their cars would really like. But then again you should not be looking for an upgrade like this if you want a "luxurious" cabin experience from you b segment hatchback... With that said clutch engagement and shifting are exponentially improved. Completely GONE is the spongy clutch engagement and questionable gear selection. For the price I dont think you will find a better upgrade from the drivers standpoint. Your passengers may beg the differ....

Great mod!

Totally agree with Ken B. on this mod -- I did the 70 Durometer for my DD and the improvement is dramatic to say the least. Gone is the sloppy clutch feel and imprecise throttle response -- actually feel engine power now. Some increased vibration and noise, but it sounds more racecar now, haha!

Attn Mazda 2 Owners, YOU NEED THIS PART!!!

If you drive your 2 spiritedly, autocross it, rally cross it, or whatever. You need this part! Makes the engine and trans mount much more positively to the car, and removes all the slack the terrible stock one provides. Your shifts will be more precise and crisp, and you dont have power loss through engine movement. If you daily drive 70 Durometer is a perfect happy meduim of both worlds. Install is quick and easy, product is superior quality, dont think, just get it!