2009 - 2013 Mazda 6 Rear Motor Mount

AWR Racing

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Product Overview

2009 - 2013 Mazda 6 rear motor mount by AWR Racing.

AWR Racing's 2009 Mazda 6 rear motor mount is a must have for any Mazda 6 owner. Want less engine movement, cleaner shifts, and many more benefits? Look no further - AWR Racing has you covered! AWR offers the best valued mounts that suit driver needs. We have durometer options for daily, aggressive, and track driven builds. Our mounts have been street and track proven since 1995.

These mounts are designed to completely support the engine and transmission with durometer options to suit all styles of driving. All of our bushings can be replaced at any time. Mounts improve drive line response by inhibiting driveline lash, putting all that motion to the task of moving the car along. Say goodbye to wheel hop and hello to smoother shifts with this engine mount!

Items included:

  • AWR Mazda 6 rear motor mount


  • Made in the USA
  • Laser cut and CNC folded
  • Tig welded in house
  • Machined inner sleeves, nickel plated
  • Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings (70, 88, and 95 durometer applicable for the Mazda 6)
  • Powder coated in silver for a very durable finish.

Bushing recommendations:

70 durometer is recommended for daily driving with little to no mods. 88 durometer is recommended for lightly to intermediate modification levels. 95 durometer is recommended for highly modified track builds. You can always opt for a different durometer if your first choice doesn't suit your needs, all of our bushings can be swapped out or replaced at any time!

Not sure what durometer to order? We're happy to help! Send an email to for any questions you may have.

Note: Once AWR Racing's engine mounts are installed, there may be added NVH depending what durometer you choose compared to the OEM mount. 70 durometer is closest to OEM specs. Bushings should start to settle after about 500-750 miles driven.

*OEM motor mounts are known to be very sloppy and often break unexpectedly, order AWR's and never replace a mount ever again! Check out our limited lifetime warranty.


  • Replaces Mazda factory 4 Cyl  2.5L lower transmission mount.
  • Application is 2009 - 2013 Mazda6 4 Cylinder cars only.
  • Fits both Auto trans and Standard transmissions. 

Warranty Information

AWR believes so strongly in our engine mounts and sway bars that as of May, 2008 we are now backing them with a limited Lifetime Warranty. What's more, this warranty, excluding bushings, is retroactive to all mounts and sway bars built previously by AWR. Basically, if it breaks or fails, we'll fix or replace it at our discretion. The warranty is 'limited' in that bushings are considered a normal wear item, so the urethane or rubber bushings are not covered, but if the metal cracks, breaks or otherwise fails, we'll replace or repair it. As of now, there are no warranties, either expressed or implied for any other items.


(6 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Solid product

    Posted by Steveo-The-Sane on 28th May 2024

    This is by far a much better mount than factory. The torque my M6 has now is so much better than it was before. The quality and craftsmanship is superb. You can tell they take pride in their work. I chose the 88 Durometer. Solid performance .

  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by A. Kurbs on 31st Aug 2023

    I got this mount in 70A and it made a huge difference in terms of driveline shock and overall shift feel on the sloppy 5AT. This is a must have product for anyone looking to modify their 6 and I really can’t recommend AWR enough!

  • 5
    excellent (highly underrated modification)

    Posted by Aleksey Sher on 15th Jul 2023

    This little modification transform the car. The stock rear motor mount is way too soft. This one cures the wheel hop, eases shifts, makes rev matching (during downshifts) so much better. Gives just a hint of vibration that only the driver notices. My wife could not feel any difference (a true test). It is like driving a different car, so much more enjoyable. Highly recommended, also AWR peeps are a joy to work with, they respond to inquires fast and are very transparent about the process. This mount had to be made to order, so there was a bit of a wait (well worth it). Don't wait, do this mod now. At least for a manual car it is a must.

  • 5
    Dog bone engine mount

    Posted by Peter McKenzie on 5th May 2019

    Great fit for my Mazda6 Wagon 2.5 2008 / 2009

  • 5
    great fit

    Posted by Peter on 25th Aug 2017

    This item came early not a problem waited to the weekend to fit it. It did look different to the old one. Did not think it was going to fit at first but after jack up the motor to were it should be. The two bolts slip right in.

  • 5

    Posted by Jonny on 23rd Sep 2015

    If you want to really sport up your straight drive 2nd gen 6 this is the way to go. However the 6 is no race car especially the 4 banger. I have the 88 duro inserts acceptable after break in but I recommend the 70 or anything lower then 88. If you want race car type vibes get the 88. Cured wheel hop and drive line shock. Car hooks up better and spins when shifting fast instead of a shocking the car.