Mazda 2 Lower motor mount / transmission mount. Fabricated from 1 ½" x .095 " wall DOM tube. Tig welded joints. Urethane bushings with nickel plated steel sleeves. Powder coated silver.

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AWR believes so strongly in our engine mounts and sway bars that as of May, 2008 we are now backing them with a limited Lifetime Warranty. What's more, this warranty, excluding bushings, is retroactive to all mounts and sway bars built previously by AWR. Basically, if it breaks or fails, we'll fix or replace it at our discretion. The warranty is 'limited' in that bushings are considered a normal wear item, so the urethane or rubber bushings are not covered, but if the metal cracks, breaks or otherwise fails, we'll replace or repair it.
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Very first Mazda 2 Automatic Dog bone

When I ordered this for my kid's car, I didn't think about auto vs manual trans. When the dog bone arrived, I realized that I had made a mistake. Then AWR's awesome customer service kicked in and they built me the very first torque reaction link (dog bone) for an automatic Mazda 2. Thanks guys! If your car has felt like there was a big rubber band between you pressing the throttle and anything happening, this dog bone will fix that problem. If the throttle reaction on your car has felt laggy or twitchy, this dog bone will fix that. If you were wondering if your engine was running, this dog bone will fix that - a fair bit more vibration will make it into the car. If you have old engine mounts, you'll probably want to replace those as well. Overall, I am very impressed, both with the customer service and with the difference this installing this dog bone made. It was worth every penny.

best mod to this vehicle

Changed the feel of the car to 100% better

Excellent and easy upgrade

I've read so much about this being the absolute best first upgrade for the Mazda 2, and now I see why. Shifting is quite smoother, but the biggest thing I've noticed is a pretty significant improvement in throttle response (Rev matching is much easier for me now). NVH is definitely noticeable, even with the 70d, but I enjoy feeling whats going on with the engine so it doesn't bother me at all. If I were to buy another 2, this would still be the first upgrade, hands down.

Fantastic improvement, a must-have!

Fantastic improvement over the vague shift/throttle feel of the OEM mount. I ordered the 88 duro bushings for the dogbone, and I love it. Price: 10/10 Quality: 10/10. Installation took 15 minutes with seized bolts. I get the expected amount of NVH from the stiffer bushings, but that doesn't bother me at all. I love being able to hear and feel what the engine is doing. I would highly recommend this part.

Improved Daily Driving Experience for 5MT

Pick this up if you have a 5mt. I purchased a 70d for my daily driver. The NVH is actually kind of enjoyable but it decreases as the mount breaks in.

Holy crap I have a clutch!!

The sloppy excuse of a clutch is gone. This really makes the car come alive. Instant acceleration when you push the pedal. Engine braking feels better. Overall, probably the best first mod you can do.

Makes the car finally feel like a CAR!

Apon opening the box you can see the amazing quality of this product! From the welds to the powder coating. Installation time with ramps is all but 10 minutes. And that's if you're being lazy. We opted for the 88 durometer and honestly its perfect! Car just feels less spongey and more put together. Clutch engagement is greatly improved and bog down between shifts is almost completely eliminated. Honestly would never want to drive the car without it again. Best first modification hands down!

if you want better shifting and clutch engagement and feel get this

I was a bit worried about getting this onto my car as it is a daily driver, and when I first started the car you could immediately hear the difference. At idle, the cabin has much more noise and also vibrates a bit. After I went for a drive, the improvement spoke for itself. Clutch was more predictable and you could feel it engaging instead of guessing and stalling, and the shift was improved so much that I am very happy I put this on my car. After a week the noise and vibration does go down a bit and by all means is livable all day everyday. Would highly recommend this, if interested in a more direct feel and want crisper shift and clutch feel. Well worth it.