2.0 Inch Bushing Replacement for One Motor Mount

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Product Overview

This kit comes with two replacement bushings to fit in one engine mount.

These bushings are the larger style (2.0 inch barrel) which are black in color. AWR's replacement Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings are for AWR's fabricated motor mounts. Motor mount bushings are available in four durometer specifications. 2 bushings are required per motor mount, this specific kit provides two replacement bushings to complete replacements on 1 mount. Engine mount bushings are available in four durometer specs. 

62 - 70 durometer is recommended for daily driving with little to no mods. 70 - 88 durometer is recommended for lightly to intermediate modification levels. 88 - 95 durometer is recommended for highly modified street and track builds. 

  • 62 durometer (ultra soft)

  • 70 durometer (soft)

  • 88 durometer (medium)

  • 95 durometer (hard) 

Please specify which mounts these bushings are for. Some may need a slight trim and we would prefer to do that service here at no charge!

Have any questions? Email or use our live chat located on our website!


How to swap bushings:
1. This process is best performed in a bench vise. Drive the center steel sleeve out with a punch and rubber mallet. 
2. Insert flat blade screwdriver into urethane bushing and line up where the two bushings meet in the middle. Drive out one side of the bushing. Once one side is complete, drive out the remaining side. 
3. Insert new bushings by hand as far as they will go. Pinch in vise to set against the barrel. Insert opposite side and repeat. 
4. Insert metal sleeve and pinch in vise or use a rubber mallet to seat. Do not hit the sleeve with a steel hammer! 


(10 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    62 Duro Bushing

    Posted by Jonathan Durham on 22nd Apr 2023

    Had 70 duro bushing in the passengerside mount and it felt great, it improved shift feel and throttle response and I loved the way it allowed you to hear the engine through the whole rev range, but the 70 duro did cause some small rattles in the car which my wife didn't like so I switched to 62 duro bushing and it feels OEM+ in terms of vibration, but did not lose the shift feel or the improved throttle response. Perfect duro bushing for those who want the least amount of vibes possible without diminishing the improved feel from the 70 duro. 62 duro is great for a daily driver who enjoys spirited driving.

  • 5
    Get the Softest Durometer (62) for street driving

    Posted by Matthew on 2nd Nov 2022

    I had the 70 Durometer bushings for years and just thought that was as good as it would get... I was wrong. I have this in a 2013 Mazda 3. It is basically all stock except for this racing style rear motor mount. I bought this after the stock one, and its replacement, failed quickly. Swapping it out was extremely easy, just removed it from the car, then drove out the metal center bushing with a similar sized deep well socket and a hammer, then pushed the old bushing out. Put new bushing in and press metal bushing in and reassemble. The mount itself is awesome. Really well built. At the time the softest bushing available was a "70" durometer. It was OK but did add a bit too much vibration at idle, especially when sitting at stop lights in gear. This softer mount solves that problem almost completely. It is SO much quieter and smoother and I don't notice any negative effects, i.e. shifting. For a road car this is perfect.

  • 5
    Mount bushings

    Posted by Tim Forsyth on 23rd Sep 2022

    I have awr mounts and I freakin love them!!! I just switched my Rear motor mount bushing from a 70 to a 95 and... no more wheel hop I'm running a really wide tire setup with moderate power 320ft lb these mounts can help u/ force an ending to wheel hop I don't care about vibrations or NVH to me What matters is function over form! And now I can put all the power down without hesitation. Pure confidence with these mounts. Being able to swap bushings is extremely smart and makes the mount versatile. Thank you for quality parts that perform!!!!

  • 5
    Great if you change your mind

    Posted by Don on 13th May 2021

    I bought a Fiesta ST with an AWR torque mount that had 88a bushings installed. I plan to drive it everday, so the added vibration wasn't for me. I was considering buying a whole new mount, but then I learned about these replacement bushings. Ali made sure I got what I needed, in a softer 70a, & now all's well. I saved over $100 & can keep a great product on my car.

  • 5
    Good fit, somewhat easy to apply, very satisfied

    Posted by John Salamy on 10th May 2021

    After some experimentation with the 88 and 70 durometer bushings, I settled on the ultra-soft 62 durometer bushing for my passenger side motor mount. The NVH is closest to the OEM mount in my 2012 Focus daily driver. The best part is that the clutch action is still as precise as the stiffer bushings and a vast improvement over the stock OEM motor mount. AWR Racing is the only manufacturer I have been able to find that offers a choice from stiff race to softer stock NVH without sacrificing performance. I would recommend AWR Racing for its excellent quality and customer service!

  • 5
    62 durometer!!!

    Posted by Logan R on 14th Dec 2020

    So happy AWR now offers 62 durometer. Replaced my 70 bushings in my 1990 miata with the new 62 and I absolutely love the feel of them. Bye NVH!

  • 5

    Posted by Jorge on 9th Oct 2020

    i love that i can just replace the bushing instead of the whole mount, and i upgraded from 88 durometer to 95 durometer and its awesome , the shifts are firmer with faster acceleration,i only had to replace because battery acid leaked all over the bushing and ate it up, if it wasn't for that the bushing will still be good but im glad it happened

  • 5
    Way better than stock

    Posted by Matt M. on 2nd Jun 2020

    I had an AWR mount with the 80 bushings and it was too harsh for me. I swapped these softer ones in and boy is it nice. They are well built and finished too.

  • 5
    Dogbone Mazda6

    Posted by Daniel Oxley on 16th Sep 2019

    Anthony and his team have never failed me. I am quite an aggressive driver and have trashed my stock mounts in at least 4 Mazda 6's and the AWR mounts keep coming back for more. Perhaps the best singular investment in overall stability. (I'd rather change a bushing than the whole mount) Thanks for an awesome and cost effective upgrade! Forget CP-E go AWR the first time and never look back.