Replaces Mazda factory 4 CYLINDER [ 2.5L ] lower transmission mount. Application is 2009 - 2013 Mazda6 4 Cylinder cars only. Fits both Auto trans and Standard transmissions. Billet Aluminum Body with urethane bushings. Available in 70, 88, and 95 durometers.

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Dog bone engine mount

Great fit for my Mazda6 Wagon 2.5 2008 / 2009

great fit

This item came early not a problem waited to the weekend to fit it. It did look different to the old one. Did not think it was going to fit at first but after jack up the motor to were it should be. The two bolts slip right in.


If you want to really sport up your straight drive 2nd gen 6 this is the way to go. However the 6 is no race car especially the 4 banger. I have the 88 duro inserts acceptable after break in but I recommend the 70 or anything lower then 88. If you want race car type vibes get the 88. Cured wheel hop and drive line shock. Car hooks up better and spins when shifting fast instead of a shocking the car.