1999 - 2003 Protege / Protege 5 Rear Sway Bar Kit

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21.5mm (.875inch) Protege rear sway bar by AWR Racing. This sway bar is .200 wall tubing thickness. Proudly made in the USA. 

Included in kit: 

1 x AWR Protege Rear Sway Bar

2 x AWR Rear Adjustable Endlinks

2 x AWR Sway Bar Brackets

2 x Energy Suspension Rear sway Bar Bushings

2 x Mazda OEM Sway Bar Clamps

1 x Hardware Kit


1999 - 2003 Protege / Protege 5

**1995 - 1998 Protege with the addition of LC62-34-170B end links (2). This end link, Mazda part number LC62-34-170, available to racers through the MAZDASPEED Team Support program, or directly from Mazda dealers. To fit on DX or LX Proteges, you will need rear struts, either stock or aftermarket, for a Protege ES. The reason, is that the stock rear struts on the DX and LX, (and possibly other brands) do not have a tab to connect the sway bar end link to. This is only welded on the stock ES struts. If your aftermarket strut housings do have this tab, then the sway bar will fit your car too, with the proper end links.


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(3 reviews) Write a Review

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    Great Piece

    Posted by David An on 27th Feb 2023

    The rear sway bar corrected the understeer tendencies, stabilized cornering, reduced flexing, and overall just made everything more balanced. This is a fantastic piece of work by AWR that every Protege owner should have, whether it be street or track.

  • 5

    Posted by Charlie on 18th May 2015

    I was very satisfied with this sway bar it bolted right up. But bolts to bolt down the relocation bracket broke both of the nuts welded in on the inside of the rear sub frame. But I got it to work just put a locking nut on the back and tightened it down. Adjusting the end links on the sway bar was also a learning experience. Put the car down before you tighten the hex bolts so they are set correctly if they aren't your end links are going to rattle extremely bad. But after I got them all adjusted the sway bar is working great I could definitely tell the difference gonna pick up a front sway bar soon

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    Posted by Dan on 19th Mar 2011

    I had been looking at buying this for my 1998 Protege LX 5spd for over a year, finally pulling the trigger once I was out of school a bit. The Pro is a DD and basically gets to be everything from commuter to people hauler to mountain road carver. Current mods were front strut bar, intake, and H&R Sport Springs on stock struts, 14x6 +30 rims (previous owner install) with now 195/60s. Humble setup, but slowly upgraded through my seven years of driving, but I still knew there was a missing piece to the handling puzzle. Not having a 1995 or 1996-8 ES Protege meant I had no rear sway bar, so going big and putting a 21.5 mm one was bound to be noticeable. It was. I was always aware, even with the lowering springs, that in harder corners, the car still leaned in on the outside front tire, wearing the tire out, scrubbing speed off, and encouraging understeer. With this bar in, the handling is sublime--definitely upped the limits considerably. Smooth corners, heck, any corner, are taken so much more flatly, with much more confidence. Accelerating through turns happens much sooner, as does carrying speed or higher speeds through them. More rotating, like SH-AWD only it happens after you load the suspension into a turn. Installation: a big key for me. With replacement struts with the sway bar tab in the rear (DX, LX, ES cars have the same replacement strut part numbers), this bar with the hardware provided is a direct bolt up. One can't "choke up" fully on it, but you can go a good ways. To choke up fully, I suspect one would have to spring for the long sway bar end links (10" ones, I believe). I'm not an autoXer nor do I track my car, just FYI, but I do enjoy driving from road trips to spirited mountain runs (2nd gear twisties FTW), and this sway bar addition has really upped the fun and feel of the car. Really glad I did it. The bar looks good, works really well, and came packaged very securely and professionally. Thanks, AWR!