1993 - 1997 FORD PROBE / MAZDA MX-6 - 19mm rear anti sway bar complete with adjustable end link kit. Powder coated black. Sway bar is fabricated from 19mm [ 3/4"]  thick wall d. o. m. tubing and is complete and ready to install.

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Great quality!

This is a very nice and complete kit, all the materials are quite nice! Installed easily on my 1993 Probe GT! Thanks AWR

FWD Weapon!

Case:- Mazda 626, with full Bilstein shocks & springs from a`Paul Radisch Telstar, Mazda 5speed trans with a factory LSD (Mazda Type-R Lantis)... Very neutral through twisty roads, far more feed back through the steering wheel. Soooo much quicker through corners. Now for some even bigger brakes! Puts the car in the high end European League handling stakes. Best done with uprated shocks & springs.

Great product!

Car feels much more planted and steering is more eager to turn in, definitely worth the money!