Now the redesigned sway bar bracket for the 1st gen Miata is now the same part for 2nd gen Miata's. A slight revision in the bolting dimensions allows for the use of more aftermarket sway bar clamps.

This also fits cars with and without power steering. Open ended reinforced sway bar brackets allow the option of putting power steering hoses through the bracket.

In racing and autocross use, especially when using larger sway bars and driving aggressively, the stock sway bar brackets can flex to the point of breaking. These reinforced brackets replace the stock ones to eliminate this problem.

Laser cut and folded and Mig welded steel units that are then powder coated black. These revised units will accept OEM sway bar clamps, Racing Beat aluminum sway bar clamps or Energy suspension sway bar kits!

NOTE * Spot welds attaching the stock mounts to frame must be drilled out


customer feedback

I installed the brackets on sunday and got the car running on monday and I cannot thank you enough for designing such a great product like this,
It seriously, gave the lost driving characteristics back, no more unexpected oversteer, no more floating sway bar, no more mysterious clunks going over speed bumps thank you AWR and I will highly recommend these brackets to all the fellow miata drivers that don't know about these yet or are contemplating buying and installing them. Definitely going on my next miata regardless if the stock brackets are good still. Thanks AWR Racing keep up the amazing work

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Reinforced Sway Bar Brackets - 1990-2005 Miata

Once I removed the OEM brackets, installing the new brackets were straightforward. They fit just a little tight, which is good. Once lined up with the OEM holes they bolted right in. The car felt tighter and more responsive after installing these. I will never have to worry about these breaking like the OEM brackets.