Level 2 Mount Refurbishment

AWR Racing

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Product Overview

AWR is happy to introduce our highly requested mount refurbishment program. 

Have you had your AWR Racing mounts for awhile? You don't need to purchase new mounts!


Send in your aged mounts to AWR Racing, 1280 Liberty Way, Suite A Vista, CA 92081 and we will refurbish them in these steps:

1. Once AWR has received the mount(s) we will inspect and disassemble them.

2. Mount(s) will be sandblasted.

3. We will re-inspect the mounts and look for any defects in the metal. If an issue is spotted the customer will be contacted. 

4. Product will be powder coated for that durable finish. 

5. Mount(s) will be assembled with new bushings. 

6. Tracking will be sent to customer and mount(s) will return to customer. 


Refurbishment levels:

Level one- 1 MOUNT refurbished 

Level two- 2 MOUNTS refurbished

Level three- 3 MOUNTS refurbished

Level four- 4 MOUNTS refurbished


Do you want a CUSTOM POWDER COAT COLOR? If interested, send an email!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review