Ford Fiesta ST 2009 - 2019 Rear Motor Mount

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Ford Fiesta ST rear motor mount by AWR Racing. Made in the USA, fabricated steel body, tig welded joints, nickel plated sleeves provided with Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings. Powder coated in black, red, and silver for a very durable finish! This mount improves shifting and helps control wheel hop on hard acceleration. Completely changes the feel of the car and keeps power being sent to the wheels as it should be!62 - 70 durometer is recommended for daily driving with little to no mods. 70 - 88 durometer is recommended for lightly to intermediate modification levels. 88 - 95 durometer is recommended for highly modified street and track builds. Don't forget- you can always opt for a different durometer if your first choice doesn't suit your needs, all of our bushings can be replaced!

  • 62 durometer (ultra soft)

  • 70 durometer (soft)

  • 88 durometer (medium)

  • 95 durometer (hard) 

This mount is perfect for track days and auto crossing.


2014 - 2019 Ford Fiesta ST

2009 - 2019 Ford Fiesta




(11 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Rear motor mount 70a

    Posted by Jonathan Rangel on 26th Jan 2021

    went with the 70a since it my daily a lightly modded and it's night and day over the stock rmm and its minimal NVH in the cabin you do get some vibration during cold starts but very minimal. very happy with my purchase and great customer service

  • 5
    The 88dm rear motor mount feels great and i definitely feel more power going to the wheels

    Posted by Pawel Minorczyk on 9th Dec 2020

    The AWR team was very helpful while assisting me installing the brackets. Very quick responses

  • 5
    Love it!

    Posted by Miguel on 27th Nov 2020

    I am very speechless on this product. I don’t know what to say, it is a must have product for your Fiesta. Feels so much smoother shifting under WOT. Vibrations in the car had gone up a hair but I don’t mind it (I got the 88 duro Meter).

  • 5

    Posted by Codey on 21st Oct 2020

    just put it on same time i went fbo and it’s an entirely different car. it’s absolutely necessary stock or not. the vibrations will go away they’re very noticeable since this one is so stiff but tbh i think it feels cool. also the staff at awr is awesome. i’ve only dealt with businesses this cool a few times

  • 5
    AWR Rear Motor Mount 70a

    Posted by Don W on 20th Sep 2020

    Makes shifting so much smoother with minimal NVH in the cabin.

  • 5
    2014 Fiesta S

    Posted by Mike M on 12th Aug 2020

    Definitely improves shift quality and clutch feel as others have stated. The factory mount is simply too soft. This corrects the issue. There is some vibration at idle, but it's minimal compared to some of my other vehicles with polyurethane mounts. Install took 5 minutes. I didn't even have to jack up the car. Suck in that gut! ;)

  • 5
    Life Changer

    Posted by Ronald Drane on 4th Jan 2020

    Everyone who owns a fiesta needs this mount. What a difference!

  • 5
    Big difference!

    Posted by Dakota on 2nd Jan 2020

    I’ve had it a week love it you can immediately feel the difference. No more tire hop, smother shift feel, and even when releasing the clutch fees like the power is going straight to the wheels instead of twisting the engine first. Would recommend! P.S. there will be increased vibration noise in cab. Doesn't bother me.

  • 5

    Posted by Cam on 14th Dec 2019

    I’ve had the mount installed for a week now and it feels so much better than the mountune one that was previously installed. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to upgrade. Mind you if you don’t like it having a bit of vibration I’d suggest the softer bushings but I think the 88 durometer ones make it feel a lot more race car like!