2013 - 2018 Ford Focus ST rear motor mount

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Ford Focus ST rear motor mount by AWR Racing. Replaces Ford OEM part CM5Z-6068-A. Improves drive line response by inhibiting driveline lash, putting all that motion to the task of moving the car along. Now fabricated from .125 steel plate, we weld in strengthening pieces and then powder coat the metal black or red for that durable finish. Energy suspension polyurethane bushings are provided with this mount. 70 durometer(soft) is recommended for daily driving with little to no mods. 88 durometer(medium) is recommended for lightly to intermediate modification levels. 95 durometer(hard) is recommended for highly modified track builds. Don't forget- you can always opt for a different durometer if your first choice doesn't suit your needs, all of our bushings can be replaced! Made in the USA, lifetime warranty on the steel fabricated mount.


(7 reviews) Write a Review

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    ST Rear mount

    Posted by Jose R on 6th Jan 2021

    The quality of this mount is really nice. My friend has fiesta and has different rear mount but by awr and said i need to check them out so i ordered this. I also like how this mount looks really different from the companies damond and jbr, plus it installed fast and my car drives really better now.

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    Posted by Liam Ryan on 18th Dec 2020

    I installed this mount after having a CPE stage 1 EPDM mount for about 14k miles. I had no idea a mount could contribute this much towards unwanted noise in the cabin. My performance parts were always competing with my stereo but I am more than happy to report that this is no more (Since I spent about $900ish on speakers, sound deadening, 5ch amp and the Rockford Fosgate DSR1). After having broken in my new AWR mount (I opted for 88 duro) I have found that this mount transfers significantly less low frequency drone and overall vibration. I would not even hesitate to try the 95 at some point. Engine movement has decreased and power delivery has a very noticeable improvement. I have done everything short of modifying my transmission itself to improve shifting (shift arms and solid bushings all around) so I didn't think it could get better but man does the transmission feel even better going gear to gear. It is more direct and is impossible to miss a gear because you can feel whether it went in 100% or not. I cannot recommend this mount enough. If you have a Focus ST without this mount, You are doing it all wrong.

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    Solution to all my shifting problems

    Posted by Trey on 17th Dec 2020

    Install took about 20 minutes and immediately noticed improvement after driving it. If you haven't upgraded your rear motor mount yet you need to order this asap

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    Best mod ever.

    Posted by James W on 10th Dec 2020

    Found these folks on instagram and decided to get this mount for my 2018 focus st. Let me tell you, if youre in the market for a rear motor mount this one is the best option out there. My car shifts are so much smoother and it feels more put together. I hear people say NVH is annoying but I got a 70 bushing and I cant even feel shaking. get it.

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    Focus st rmm

    Posted by Sergio Muniz on 27th Nov 2020

    This mount will give you a smoother ride once broken in . I’ve had my rmm in for 4 days now and the NVH has not took long to go way . I no long get wheel hop and have smoother shifts .

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    Great Motormount! 88 durometer rumbles!

    Posted by Tim on 8th Jul 2020

    This mount is incredible, my wheel-hop in my 2016 Focus ST is almost completely gone, and it really brings an aggressive feel to the car, while not being hardly noticeable when driving normal. If you like vehicle vibrations and an exciting feel for your car, opt for the 88; if you are looking for performance and less vibration intensity, the 70 I'm sure will be a great choice for you. Idle definitely has more vibrations than stock (I'd say a good 50% or so more than the standard mount) and air conditioning will scare you if you're not expecting it, as at idle its a good 60-65% increase in vibrations. This is a MUST HAVE if you are looking for a mount, and AWR quality is solid, before bolting the engine together this mount alone held the engine in the proper place with how tight and in-spec it is to the ravine where the mount sits. 5/5 would recommend all-day every-day.

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    Focus ST RMM

    Posted by Robert Peters on 21st Apr 2019

    I love what this did for my 2018 Focus ST. Everything feels right there, nice and tight. Much more responsive and a lot less wheel hop. The mount itself seemed very high quality. I highly recommend for anyone with a Focus ST.