2016 - 2020 Fiat 124 Spider motor mount lower set

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Expected release date is 15th Sep 2020

Product Overview

Complete left and right lower urethane motor mount kit with optional bushing durometer or hardness available.

These mounts improve shifting and helps control wheel hop on hard acceleration. Completely changes the feel of the car and keeps power being sent to the wheels as it should be!


62 - 70 durometer is recommended for daily driving with little to no mods. 70 - 88 durometer is recommended for lightly to intermediate modification levels. 88 - 95 durometer is recommended for highly modified street and track builds. Don't forget- you can always opt for a different durometer if your first choice doesn't suit you needs, all of our bushings can be replaced!

62 durometer (ultra soft)

70 durometer (soft)

88 durometer (medium)

95 durometer (hard) 


(2 reviews) Write a Review

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    62 Duro bushings with AWR mounts

    Posted by Chi Yeol Song on 3rd Oct 2020

    Hi, this is Song once again. I recently acquired 62 Durometer bushings for AWR motor mounts. I can definitely say this is the way to go. The best of the both world. People, when you are going for the Poly bushings, you might have multiple problems on your hand. NVH, Durability and Stiffness to be precise. When you go for very hard durometers like over 90, you get the precise shift feeling and total control of your engine. But what about NVH? I tried out 70 durometer and it was definitely an upgrade for shift feeling and total control of the engine. Also, NVH have toned down after 1000km of driving to stock level. So I already got the best of the both world. Then you might ask, why did I got the 62 duro again? 62 gets you total control, stiffness, durability and comfortable driving of OEM rubber mounts. Now I can definitely suggest Poly mounts to non-enthusiasts because there are only benefits, no let downs. Be on mind, it still need break in. However, after that you won't ever look back for that fragile oem rubber mounts. Kudos for AWR. Song from Vancouver

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    2018 Fiat 124 Spider Lower mount 70 duro

    Posted by Chi Yeol Song on 22nd Sep 2020

    I got the first produced lower engine mount for Fiat 124 Spider. The first production unit had 12mm stud but I got the 10mm version and it works so great. I have driven the car hard enough that the original fiat 10mm stud got bent. However, AWR's lower mount not only fits perfectly for the OEM upper mount but also withstood all the spirited driving that I have stressed on my car. One more thing to note is that 70 duro is harsh enough initially that it will literally vibrate everything on your car causing head ache. However, after driving 1000km, it reduced so dramatically that you won't even feel the difference between original soft mount and 70 duro. So give it a chance. However, I would like to try out 62 duro if possible. Thanks AWR for such a great product.