2006 -2015 MX5 Engine mount / Brace combo

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Product Overview

Engine Mount and Engine Brace Combination. Our trusted Engine / Motor Mount [ 5601 or 5601X ] and Engine Brace [ 5600 ] as a package. 

AWR-5601 Engine mounts sold per pair are now available with our larger bushing to help reduce NVH. 

There is no substitute for the AWR engine mount with stiff urethane bushings. Completely new fabricated steel heavy duty [ lifetime warranty ] replacement engine mounts are manufactured here at our facility in the U.S. Available in soft 70 durometer, medium 88 durometer or stiffer 95 durometer urethane bushings, and encased in silver powder coat.

Helps stop drive train lash (rocking) when transitioning from on / off throttle. Help keep that engine stable inside that engine compartment, putting the power to the ground instead of rocking the engine and missing shifts. Provides a more direct throttle response and more precise gear selections.

Or substitute for  AWR-5601X [ 2.5 ] Engine mounts sold per pair.

This motor mount set is specifically design for the installation of the 2.5 liter motor into the MX5 chassis. This allows the motor to be at it's lowest position without interfering with the sub frame.

Engine Brace

Available in 70 durometer or 88 durometer bushings. 70d Installed, 88d supplied if that more suits your preference.

Engine Brace for Mazda MX-5. This item mounts on the passenger side of the car. It attaches to the right front shock tower and to the right front side of the head. Polyurethane mount in soft [ 70 d ] for street cars . Also available for MX-5 Cup cars and true auto-cross and track cars with Harder 88d mount bushings. adjustable. Powder coated black. nickel plated adjusters.

Excellent item to also help improve crispness and provide more precise shifting. Helps settle the motor down with Mazda's drive train design.

Please make a note on the order form for which motor mount package you desire.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review