1994 - 2000 Miata Motor Mount / Engine Mounts.

Fabricated steel replacement motor mount with Energy Suspension polyurethane bushing that mounts in the factory location giving more secure engine support. These mounts are tig welded and powder coated silver. Available in 3 durometers. 70 soft [multipurpose], 88 medium [ agressive ] and 95 hard [ for track use only ]

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AWR believes so strongly in our engine mounts and sway bars that as of May, 2008 we are now backing them with a limited Lifetime Warranty. What's more, this warranty, excluding bushings, is retroactive to all mounts and sway bars built previously by AWR. Basically, if it breaks or fails, we'll fix or replace it at our discretion. The warranty is 'limited' in that bushings are considered a normal wear item, so the urethane or rubber bushings are not covered, but if the metal cracks, breaks or otherwise fails, we'll replace or repair it.
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Miata, big HP motor mounts..

The Best High performance motor mounts for a High horsempower Miata that you can buy!!!

You get what you pay for...

I was surprised to recieve an aftermarket part with real hardware and it some shiny butter bolts. To top it off it was an easier install then OE style mount. A bit of vibration with the poly mounts but it doesn't resonate through the car like delrin. It is well worth the price, especially now I won't be breaking Mazdacomp mounts.

Solid product for racing in mind

Okay, so the engine moves about an 1/8 of an inch when hard throttle is applied. Less than that if youre not staring at it intensely to watch it move... like I did. So to the untrained eye, it dont move! Now as far as vibration and noise, oh yeah there is a lot from starting revs to about 2500 rpms. Its also audible from outside. So you may become a distraction to other drivers around you. After that, 3000 rpms, its like a slight hummin and buzzin all over. If you have loose body work, parts or stuff inside on your car, theyre going to rattle. My skid pan, plate, plastic under tray was quite loose. My fenders are also creating low tone music. You can feel everything thats happening to the engine thru the steering wheel. Not so much thru the gear lever, it has the same feel as before. Available in 3 durometers. 70 soft [multipurpose], 88 medium [ agressive ] and 95 hard [ for track use only ]. I have the 70. But I wonder if they hooked me up with 95! Not recommended for those daily drivers who like listening to music. It has a race car ambience!! Loud and obnoxious. I normally dont chirp the tyres much, but I found myself doing it quite frequently. Dont know if it is allowing me to put more torque to the wheels or I am getting carried away. I do know that more bracing will be required to keep everything solid and aligned.